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Welcome To The Prepare For College's Financial Literacy Program

Welcome to the Prepare for College's financial literacy course for young adults.  In this course, you will learn that financial literacy is the union of financial, credit, and debt management and the knowledge that is necessary to make financially responsible decisions that are integral to our everyday lives.


Financial literacy includes understanding how a checking account works, what using a credit card really means, and how to avoid debt. In summary, financial literacy impacts the daily issues an average individual makes when trying to balance a budget, buy a home, fund a college education, and ensure an income at retirement.


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Why Financial Literacy Is So Important

Golden Rules Of Money Management

How To Manage Your Money

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How To Write A Check

Understanding Your Paycheck Stub

Income Taxes Part 1 - W-4

Carrying Taxes.jpg
Credit Report Bad And Good.jpg

Income Taxes Part 2 - How Taxes Works

Understanding Your Credit Scores & Reports

Basics Of Borrowing Money

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Finance Co Yes No.jpg
Credit Card Trap.jpg

Understanding How Banks And Credit Unions Work

Understanding How Finance Companies Work

Understanding How Credit Cards Work

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Invest Mutual Fund Shares.jpg

Understanding The Importance Of Investing

How Investments Work

Investing In Mutual Funds Part 1 – 3 Rs

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Invest ETF Funds.jpg
Life Insurance Policy.jpg

Cost Of Investing Part 2 – Mutual Fund

Cost Of Investing Part 3 – No-Load, Index, and ETF

Life Insurance Part 1

Life Insurance.png
Life Ins.jpg
Life Ins What Is It.jpg

Life Insurance Part 2 – Term Insurance

Life Insurance Part 3 – Whole Life Insurance

Life Insurance Part 4 – Universal Life

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Property And Casualty Insurance

Retirement Plans

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